Aurora E1516 E2520

Aurora E1516

Aurora E1516
Q-Peak’s Aurora E1516 Laser provides hardened laser architecture for medium-energy, moderate repetition-rate pulsed eyesafe applications such as remote eyesafe illumination. Efficiently designed for minimal size, weight, and power consumption, the Aurora Laser provides an effective means of conserving system resources, while providing reliable pulsed illumination.

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Aurora 2520

Qpeak’s laser illuminator delivers mJ level pulses at high repetition rate.

Qpeak has 30 years’ experience of making solid-state lasers. Nowadays, solid-state lasers are still holding the advantages of generating high pulse energy compared to fiber or diode lasers. Qpeak is proudly offering the following solid-state laser systems as Lidar sources which high pulse energy is must.

Qpeak’s laser illuminator delivers mJ level pulses at high repetition rate. The essential elements of Qpeak’s laser illuminator are patented gain module and in-house short pulse oscillator. The gain module utilizes multi-pass slab design which makes the size compact while maintaining the capability of power scaling. For detailed information of Qpeak’s short pulse oscillator, follow the link: Short Pulse Oscillator. All optical components are sealed into a compact sized laser head with a cooling tunnel. Laser control units and cooling systems are also available.

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Aurora WG

Aurora WG Ho:YKLF Amplifier System

Ho:YLF Amplifier Systems

Ho:YLF laser material presents several features that make it superior to Ho:YAG for the development of high-energy, high-power, amplifier system. Ho:YLF laser crystals offer: • High emission (gain) cross-section (twice that of Ho:YAG) • Natural birefringence • Long emission lifetime (twice that of Ho:YAG) • Low dn/dT resulting in negligible thermal lensing • Broad gain spectrum • Low nonlinearity (4.8 times less than for Ho:YAG) • Readily available material with large size and high optical quality Due to the long lifetime (~15 ms) of the upper laser level, Ho:YLF laser material is well suited for amplification of pulse trains at repetition of 1 kHz or above.

Regenerative amplifier systems for ultrafast pulses

Q-Peak’s Ho:YLF amplifier for ultrafast pulses utilizes a fiber-pumped, modular design which allows for custom system construction to meet our customers specific laser needs. The building blocks of our Ho:YLF amplifier systems consist of a chirped-pulse, regenerative amplifier and a linear amplifier. This architecture has been shown to amplify a seed laser output (3-ps pulse width at a 44-MHz repetition rate) up to 30-mJ of energy per pulse at a 1-kHz repetition rate.