Anthelion CR185 CrZnSe Ultrafast Laser Systems

Anthelion CR185 Ultrafast Cr:ZnSe Laser Systems

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Cr:ZnSe lasers have many similarities to the Ti:sapphire laser, including a broad gain linewidth, relatively high gain cross section, and microsecond-level storage time, but with operation in the around 2500 nm.

Anthelion ultrafast oscillator

Q-Peak’s Anthelion is a diode-pumped, ultrafast, Cr:ZnSe oscillator offering a turn-key, femtosecond, pulse train in the infrared for scientific research and materials processing environments. The oscillator provides a stand-alone solution for high-repetitions rate applications or can be paired with a custom-order, chirped-pulse, regenerative amplifier for high-peak power applications. Please see section below titled: Custom high-pulse energy regenerative amplifier systems. The Anthelion is operated by a control box with a touch screen display for easy adjustment and monitoring of laser performance.

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Autocorrelation Spectrum

Anthelion chart