Q-Peak Introduction

Welcome to the Q-Peak website. You will find information describing the kind of work that we do here, lasers we have designed, papers in laser science and engineering we have published, examples of our programs past and present, and more formal descriptions of the company, people, products, and technologies we work on. And career opportunities as we continue to grow.

There is something more that we would like you to know and take away from your visit - Who we are. Q-Peak was founded in 1985 as the R&D branch of Schwartz Electro-Optics. Since the founding by Bill Schwartz and Peter Moulton, we have been engaged in advancing the fields of laser science and engineering. Q-Peak enjoys support from our parent company, Physical Sciences Inc., for a range of administrative, financial, and contractual functions freeing up our staff to focus on the laser tasks at hand. Working in conjunction with extremely talented electrical and opto-mechanical engineers, the balance of the staff is comprised of laser and electro-optical physicists and engineers. Our business development lead has over 30 years of experience in lasers, mostly as a laser physicist/engineer. Program managers are all laser folk by both education and experience. Management is likewise similarly afflicted. Our Area managers for science and applications are both long experienced laser physics types.

We are a diverse company; brought together in our similarities in educational background, careers, and a long commitment to the optical sciences and lasers in particular. We are laser folk.

On the laser sciences side, we perform Small Business Innovative Research programs exploring new concepts. We conduct funded research and development programs to push the edges of laser performance. We often have to develop componentry that enables advancing laser performance.

On the engineering side, we understand systems and how the laser must fit into the architecture both operationally and physically. We work at communicating with customers during development to ensure that the laser you need is the laser that you get. We work hard to ensure that the laser is engineered to meet all the challenging aspects of the environment your system must overcome. Size, weight, power, and cost are all part of the design challenge along with the laser optical performance. We take all of it into account in the front end of design, perform modeling, build and test hardware, and ensure that your system meets all its requirements.

As you explore this site, we would like you to perceive the information you encounter as projections of possibilities, not fixed limitations of what has been done. Call us. Bring your most difficult projects. You can probably bet that if there is a way, a possibility, a chance to stretch the boundaries, that challenge will become a glint in our eyes and the chase will be on. If we can’t see a way to do it, we will surely say so. Because that’s the kind of laser people that we are.