Joining Our Company

Originally founded in 1985, Q-Peak currently acts as a wholly owned subsidiary of Physical Sciences, Inc., a primary research corporation based in Andover, MA, and serves a diverse set of advanced laser markets spanning the realms of scientific R&D, defense & aerospace, and commercial applications. Q-Peak hires people for a career, and our job postings are designed to attract applicants with skill sets that will be valued well beyond any single program. When you submit your resume to Q-Peak it will be reviewed by leaders of our technical staff with a full understanding of current program needs, the desired direction of our customer base, and an understanding of future trends and opportunities in breakthrough laser technologies and architectures.

Q-Peak’s Bedford, MA facility is located in a 17,500 sq. ft. office and laboratory complex within the metropolitan Boston area. In addition to several laboratories with full-scale optical tables, Q-Peak also incorporates a class 10,000 clean room (with class 100 optical benches) for optical processing of high-power fibers and optics. In addition to cutting edge optical laboratory equipment, Q-Peak also utilizes extensive optical modeling software, such as FIMMWAVE, LasCad, TracePro, Zemax, and GLAD. In addition, Q-Peak continues to incorporate the best optical equipment for diagnostics and optical processing, including items such as spectrophotometers, optical spectrum analyzers, and various fiber fusion work stations (including arc, traveling flame, graphite-heater, and CO2).

The Boston Metropolitan area is home to some of the world’s finest universities, best professional sports teams, and highest rated public and private schools. The mountains of New Hampshire and the Berkshires provide hiking and skiing opportunities while New England’s 500 miles of coastline supports a range of water sports, boating and sightseeing. Q-Peak encourages its employees to participate in the community through discount memberships at places such as the Boston Museum of Science and the New England Aquarium.

For desirable applicants our interview process begins with a one hour informal interview conducted at one of our facilities or via telephone or Skype. You will speak with key members of our management staff in order for us to understand better how you might grow in our organization. Those candidates that we think could thrive in our environment will be invited to visit us for a full day series of interviews as well as be asked to present a seminar to the technical staff.

In preparing your resume, and in speaking to our staff, understand that we value:

Accomplishment over Process

Be prepared to explain to us results of your previous work and how that work contributed to the field or addressed a problem of importance. Intrinsic Motivation and Intellectual Curiosity. We want to know about the next thing you want to accomplish in your career and how that will make a difference in your chosen field of expertise.

Communication Skills

Conference presentations, journal publications, customer briefings and reports, and proposal development are all critical elements in a professional technical career. Your interview seminar should clearly communicate your ability to address the key elements necessary for any successful R&D project including problem definition, data acquisition and analysis, conclusions and definition of future work.


Many of our programs require that we interact with people representing diverse disciplines and the ability to communicate and collaborate in a professional manner is highly desired.

Throughout the interview process our staff will be trying to understand how you would grow in our entire organization, not just fit into a job slot. If the fit is right you’ll be offered an opportunity to join one of the most successful R&D organizations in the country.*