Q-Peak, Inc. serves its customers by providing laser research, development and engineering design of Solid State, Fiber, and Ultrafast lasers. Necessary expertise extends to associated electro-optic and non-linear optics as well as control and power electronic. We provide custom solutions to customer requirements through the application of a unified view of laser physics, engineering, and application. Equally, Q-Peak nurtures an environment of personal growth, creativity, and engagement of our technical and business staff in providing solutions for customers and health of the enterprise through our Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP). Customer success is the logical path of our own success.


Our work concentrates on the leading edge of laser and electro-optics technology, advancing early-stage discoveries from the laboratory through prototype development and into products suited for the defense, scientific, industrial and medical marketplaces.

We continually look for new opportunities to advance and apply technology to meet the challenging needs of our customers. We maintain our technological capabilities through providing a fulfilling environment, both within the company and the scientific/engineering profession community, for our employees.

Our production capacity is designed for small quantities, and as the market expands, we seek to partner with organizations that concentrate on larger-scale production, or identify financial support to create new, spin-out companies.

If your needs require an advance in the state-of-the-art, go beyond what we can supply as a standard product, or are based on unconventional wavelengths, then you can view in our R&D pages examples of the type of work we do on a custom-development basis. Customers interested in laser systems that are based on tested technologies, and standard components, may visit the Products section of the site.